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Bang Bang! You’re dead!!

No we’re not into that kind of roulette. This ain’t the movies and we’re not convinced that the cold metal barrel of a gun pressed against the temple is our idea of a fun night out. Or in. Whatever. Put your crazy eyes and revolver away, big man, and listen up because we’re convinced that we have a game that will keep you riveted. No, guns, bullets or potential brain-blowing-out necessary. We promise.

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We know that you thrill seekers love your games, not to mention the temptation of a cheeky wager to get the blood pumping quicker than a bullet to the brain. And we understand that the glittering lights of a casino or the colorful pages of online pokies casinos set the pulse racing faster than a purebred Thoroughbred hurtling down the track against the backdrop of a thousand cheering fans. But we believe we can lure you over to the wheel for a game of chance unlike any other. Trust us.

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Sure poker seems all the rage. Hollywood might have had you convinced with films like RoundersCasino Royale and Steve McQueen’s Cincinnati Kid. We’ll concede that Blackjack is exciting and Baccarat alluring. And fair enough Craps is iconic. But there is nothing quite like Roulette – and we stand by that.

It’s the ultimate gamble, with nothing but luck guiding the path of the ball. And that is the ultimate thrill.

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