How to Win At Roulette: The Truth

How genuine players are making millions in today’s casinos in secret, and how you can too? It’s completely real, and the only restriction is how much you can win without drawing attention to yourself. Playing the game of roulette and win can be a good starting point for you to start raking the cash and expand your bankroll.

According to 101 betting, if you have been wondering how you can win the game of roulette, then this piece will indicate the best way to do so. 

The majority of roulette tips websites exist to promote online casinos rather than to assist you in winning at roulette. They disseminate false and damaging material to other websites. As a result, accurate guidance is difficult to come by.

Can you Constantly Win Roulette?

Absolutely. However, the majority of gamers go about it incorrectly. On our roulette strategy page, you can learn about all of the common blunders that players make. The most common blunder they make is failing to evaluate what happens behind the wheel. The roulette wheel, on the other hand, is what selects the winning number.

So look at the wheel and figure out why the ball lands where it does. It is simple to correctly guess the winning number, at least with enough precision to profit. Keep in mind that the home has a very slight edge. For regular earnings, you simply need modestly correct predictions. 

So, if it is that simple, why aren’t casinos bankrupt?

The real issue is that most casinos do not tolerate consistent winners. Once they figure out you are constantly winning, they will take some steps to stop you, one way or the other. 

The Only Strategies That Concern Casinos

Casinos are not naive. If you win a substantial sum of money, the casino will examine CCTV footage to see how you won. They are aware of which techniques are ineffective and which pose a major threat.

They may offer you free beverages or lodging if your winnings were most likely due to luck. As a result, you are more likely to keep playing and lose your winnings. If you bet on red or black, they will know your winnings were luck, because long-term winning is very impossible with outside bets. 

However, if they think you of using a professional roulette strategy, things will be very different. Making bets based on sectors of the actual wheel is one of the tell-tale indications of a professional player. 

They will pay your prizes unless you broke the law, but you will not be invited back. You will almost certainly be added to their list of potential professional players. If you come back, they will take some steps to make winning very hard for you. These are steps that they call “counter-measures”. 

The “countermeasures” used by casinos reveal what makes them nervous, as well as techniques that work.

Typical Counter-measures 

  • Increasing the rotational speed of the wheel rotor, or purposefully varying the rotational speed. 
  • Dealerships are frequently changed. 
  • Bets must be closed before the wheel spins, and late bets are prohibited. 
  • Balls are changed frequently.

There is more, but you will note that everything revolves around what happens behind the wheel. This is because the wheel determines the winning number. Players can have an edge if the spins are predictable.

The Right Strategy Can Win you $2,000 Into $1,000,000+

The house edge in the European roulette is just 2.7%. This simply means that the casino’s advantage over players is very small. Still, there is a probability that it will earn players millions. 

However, if you have a slight advantage over the casino, you will be the one to win millions. The only thing is that whether or not the casino will notice you and then take certain steps to ban you. 

Only about 2% to 4% of the time, these players had an advantage. Again, only a small edge is required. This is why a +1 per cent edge in blackjack excites card counters. 

They used a roulette wheel, which exploits physical flaws in wheels, to beat the wheel. “The man who broke the bank in Monte Carlo” employed this strategy. Biased wheels, contrary to common opinion, still exist in modern casinos. 

The Systems That Work In Modern Casinos

The majority of people believe that roulette is the most unpredictable game and that it is impossible to win. The truth is just the reverse. Roulette is by far the casino’s most vulnerable game. Designing a roulette wheel with completely unpredictable spins is nearly impossible. 

Since the great majority of players lose, roulette is nonetheless a profitable casino games. Casinos are aware that some players consistently win. But most of the wins are limited with strict monitoring and casino surveillance along with countermeasures.