The Top Roulette Systems & Strategies That Really Work

Roulette is not the unbeatable game that many people believe it to be. However, only a handful roulette strategies are shown to work. The most effective systems are listed below and they will guide you on how best you can find yourself winning real money at the most reliable online casino.

Roulette Computers (Hidden Electronic Devices)

These covert technological gadgets use the wheel and ball’s speed to forecast the winning number. They are not your normal roulette system or technique. They are the most effective roulette method, and they are legal in about half of casinos. However, casinos may still prohibit you if you use them, so use them discreetly to avoid being caught. 

There are many roulette computers out there, but most of them cannot win on modern roulette wheels. If you do not do your homework before buying something, you can wind up wasting your money. 


  • Approximately 90% of current wheels are outperformed. 
  • Massive player advantage ranging from +20 to +120 percent 
  • The most efficient way to win at roulette 
  • Extremely discreet (virtually undetectable when used correctly) 
  • Simple to understand and apply


  • Legal at half of casinos. 

Above all, roulette computers are the best and effective winning strategy. The good news is that you are able to see an in-person demonstration of the computers at leading gambling sites. In addition, you are also able to spin the wheel all by yourself. 

Physical Roulette System (Best Legal Systems) 

This is the most effective system that will predicts the winning number way before the ball is released. The good news is that it is legal at most online casinos. 

This roulette approach identifies the link between the wheel’s physical factors and the winning numbers. It essentially represents “cause and effect.”

 After all, the winning number is never truly “random” – it is determined by physical factors like the ball and wheel. Knowing how the variables affect the winning number is more important than predicting the next winning number.


  • Between 2% and 10% of the time, the player has an advantage. 
  • Extremely discreet 
  • It outperforms about half of today’s wheels. 
  • Simple to understand and apply (designed to make sophisticated system easy for beginners) 
  • It is possible to use it in a variety of online casinos, including automated roulette wheels. 
  • Overall, the greatest roulette strategy for predicting the outcome before the ball is released (PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad & Android) 
  • After that, you can begin betting.


It requires 50-200 spins per direction before placing the maximum bet. Nevertheless, most online gamblers find this practice very tedious. 

Visual Ballistics (using eyesight to predict winning numbers)

Visual ballistics makes advantage of your natural vision to predict where the ball will land. It is not as difficult as you might believe. In truth, with some practice, it becomes relatively simple, albeit it remains much more difficult than other effective tactics.   

Visual ballistics is a roulette method that is very similar to dealer signature, except that instead of predicting the winning number near the end of the spin, you predict it towards the end of the spin. When there are around five ball rotations left, for example, you make your forecast. 



  • Very quick to use 
  • Require 60-100 spins to assess each wheel. 



  • Late bets are required (after ball release) 
  • Only 3% of today’s wheels can compare. 
  • Your constant behaviour is easy for the casino to see.

Dealer Signature (consistent spinning dealers)

Many dealers keep the wheel and ball spinning at the same pace. This might result in predictable patterns known as “dealer signature,” which is why dealers are often replaced every 20-30 minutes. Roulette methods based on dealer signature, on the other hand, do not operate on all wheels. You’ll need the correct dealer and wheel combo.

The principles are straightforward. To begin, keep in mind that the ball will likely to contact some metal deflectors (diamonds) more frequently than others on most wheels. These are referred to as “dominant diamonds.” It would appear like the image to the right if you made a chart displaying which diamonds the ball hits.

Second, keep in mind that the bounce of the ball is never completely predictable. If you look at where the ball hits the wheel (rotor), for example, you can estimate where the ball will land. You will not achieve perfect precision, but you don’t need it.

To put it all together, dealer signature necessitates the acquisition of proper wheels first. Then you must locate an appropriate dealer for that wheel. It’s not tough, and while it works, it does have some limits.


  • Very simple to use once you take note of the suitable wheel and dealer 
  • Get predictions before the ball is played


  • Only 3% of today’s wheels can compare. 
  • Finding proper circumstances takes time. 
  • It is simple for the casino to alter variables in order to cause you to lose. 
  • Patterns might shift due to slight variations in air pressure (even with same dealer)

By now you might be asking yourself, which is the best, system you can use, and that is a very normal question if you are a considerable and serious gambler. 

The physics roulette system is preferred by most people because it is legal in all 50 states and can be used on a variety of wheels, including those found in many online casinos and automated wheels (where the ball is released automatically). 

It’s easy to use because automated software performs the complex analysis for you, and it provides you with convenient betting charts that show you when and where to bet.